Frequently Asked Questions 💬

Training Camp is the gamification of Lil’ Heroes and Lil’ Villains that allows holders to strategically earn points to achieve added benefits.

All you have to do is simply enroll your Lil’ Hero and Lil’ Villain pairs on our Training Camp site and that’s it! It’s important to note that you will need a complete pair of a Lil’ Hero and Lil’ Villain to be eligible to enroll and advance in Training Camp. That said, you can enroll as many pairs as you like and the more pairs you have in Training Camp, the more points you earn! The only exception to this is Legendaries, which can be enrolled by themselves.

The points you can earn are limitless! The longer you keep your pairs of Lil’ Heroes and Lil’ Villains in Training Camp and the more pairs you have enrolled, the more points you’ll earn and the further you’ll advance on the leaderboard. We’ll have opportunities to earn even more points through burning your pairs, activations on special days throughout the year, and enrolling legendaries. There is no limit to how many points you can earn!

You will earn 10 points per day for the first pair that you enroll in Training Camp. Each additional pair that you enroll will earn 2 additional points per day. For example: If you have two pairs enrolled, you will earn 12 points per day. If you have three pairs enrolled, you will earn 14 points per day and so on.
Legendaries enrolled on their own will earn 20 points per day. For example: if you enroll one Legendary, you will earn 20 points per day. If you enroll two Legendaries, you will earn 40 points per day.
Once your Lil’ Villain earns a badge, your pair will also accumulate extra points each day.

Points accumulation is updated every day at 12:00 pm ET. Points accumulate on a 24-hour basis. That means, if you start training on Monday at 12:02 pm ET, you will begin to see your points accumulate on Wednesday at 12:00 pm ET, because you were only training for 23 hours 58 minutes, before the Tuesday 12:00 pm ET update.

We will provide the exact number of points to reach each reward as the rewards are announced. As Lil’ Hero and Lil’ Villain holders, your points belong to you and you only. If you decide to sell your Lil’ Hero or Lil’ Villain that is enrolled in Training Camp, the points do not transfer to the next holder. BUT– the badges that you earn and that evolve your Lil’ Villain will remain! This means that no matter what, the rarity that you have earned, will stay with your Lil’ Villain forever.

When your pair has been in Training Camp for a set amount of time, the Lil’ Villain in the pair will receive a badge. These badges evolve as you progress through the time brackets assigned. Badges become part of the Lil Villain and move with the asset, regardless of holder. Badges will increase the amount of points earned by the pair or legendary per day.